Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tan for Face

I bought this a couple of days ago after reading a couple of reviews on it. Im always skeptical when it comes to putting fake tan on my face as it can go HORRIBLY wrong if the tan doesnt suit your skin

This was £17 and I got it from Debenhams. I didnt really have high expectations for it as I never do for tans but was eager to see what the results were. So straight away when I got in I applied it with my fingers all over my face and neck and waited for the results. About 3/4 hours later I have a natural glowing tan on my face and it was so natural! It wasnt orange, it was perfect. I put a light foundation over it and I still looked very tanned underneath. Its day 3 now since I applied it and its still there without any patches.

It may seem like a pricey tanner especially when its just for the face, but by far this is the best I have used and will definately repurchase when its finished :)

P.s I will add a picture of me with the product on to back up my views and so other readers can see what its like.

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