Origins Super Spot Remover

£12.00 Debenhams, House of Fraser, John Lewis
Why on earth did I not buy this sooner?? Ahhhh so angry at myself for not giving in to it ages ago!

This stuff is seriously AMAZING! I always assume stuff like this will never worked and I usually just let my spots do their thing and disappear themselves but not this time I got horrible looking things on my face haha so took up the opportunity to go and buy this while Debenhams had 10% off. I only saved £1.80 but any saving is better than no saving so that made me purchase this even more.

I followed these instructions above ^^ and didn't hope for miracles. It stings but its a good sting that you know its actually working. I woke up the next morning and the spot had dramatically reduced in size. It wasn't any normal spot it was on of those horrid red things that make you want to stay inside forever.
I then used this again the next night and again by the morning it was near enough gone.
I am extremely happy with this purchase and will definitely buy again. I must point out that the bottle looks tiny as there is only 10ml in it but the consistency is like a thick gel so it will last a long time if you use it sparingly like it advices.

I rate this 10/10. Let me know what your thoughts on it are.

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