Bad experience with L'Oreal cleanser...

L'Oreal Dermo-Expertise Re-Nourish Cleanser 200ml
so there it is....... the devil in my eyes.
I was drawn to this product as it says its for dry, sensitive skin ... which is me! So I purchased it thinking it would be great for my skin as L'Oreal is a great brand and it was for my type of skin.


After one application of using this is broke me out MAJORLY. My face was in agony and stinging so it clearly wasnt going to suit someone with a sensitive face.

Minging to look at I know, but on the left hand side if my face after using the cleanser and toner once only. It brought me out in very red blemishes which were agony to be honest. The picture on the left is what my face looked like after another product managed to help the situation.

I've owned No.7 products for years but never thought much of them. I had a cleanser, toner & mask lying about so I thought I'd use them since it couldnt get any worse hopefully. After using it for 4 days my face actually cleared up really well which I was very surprised about. My No.7 products are now my best friends again. I would definately recommend buying them as they dont break the bank and theyre genuinely fab products. As you can see there is a great difference in how my skin looked within the space of 4 days :) So Overall I'm very happy about the No.7 products but will be complaining to L'Oreal about their terrible cleanser and toner!

Ashton x


  1. Oh it's so annoying when something like that happens. It really stings and you feel like you may as well have thrown your money in the bin. Then to make it worse there's very little you can do about it. I feel for you!

  2. when ever that happens to me before i go to bed i just get a grape size blob of sudocreme and rub it in all over my face i just keep rubbing till my skin has aborbed most of the cream and by morning the breakout area has nearenough dissapeared :)


  3. Urgh I know I may as well have just binned the cash instead of buying this crap. Definately never going near a L'Oreal cleanser again!!!!

    Yeah I will try sudocrem next time Ive heard a few people say that is the best remedy

    Ashton xxx

  4. Oh no, sorry you had a bad experience with the product! Although, I've noticed when I use new products for the first time, my face breaks out a little and then it get better and the product is fine. I stick to products I know though, much more reliable! X

  5. I usually get like 1 spot from using a new problem, which Im okay with but these ones were really sore and just didnt agree with me :( Obviously I know this isnt the case for everyone but Ill definately never be using these again, sad to have wasted money I hate it when this happens boohoo


  6. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing..


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