XEN-TAN Dark Lotion

After reading about this products for AGES, I decided to give in & use it.

I normally use St Tropez but was forever complaining that it took so long to dry in.
 I ordered my 236ML bottle of the Dark Lotion from FeelUnique.com For £17.99 ! Its roughly about £28.99 every where else so ended up going for it.
It arrived the other day and Im so excited to try it ( I just havent tried it already due to college as I didnt want it to come off after application )

BUT ....... as soon as I apply it tomorrow I will upload a picture of it. It smells gorgeous ( like marzipan ) and people rave about it so Im rather eager to put it on soon as.
Im really pale so praying it doesnt make me look far too dark, although Ive heard it is really natural with darker tones to it so I'll give it a bash definately tomorrow & let you's all know how things go.

This is a picture after I applied it, literally taken like 10 seconds after and the colour looks really good already. Excuse the chicken legs and the light scars that my cat donated years ago haha. I would definately recommend buying it, it really does look natural! I have never been able to put tan on my legs as they never take well to lotions but this looks amazing already. I will upload more pictures once Ive showered it off, and I will also update the review once I have tanned my full body :)

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