MUA Eye Palettes

So............. I ended up doing what I do best, SHOPPING! and ended up in Superdrug just browsing as you do and ended up buying the MUA eye palettes for my make up kit when Im apparently skint lol ... But anyways

Theyre FAB!!!!

I got 96 different colours for £25 which Im really impressed about. I usually spend a little more on makeup but since its just for a basic make up kit I thought it was amazing value so I purchased 7 palettes. The smaller ones were £3 and there is 12 colours in them and the larger one was only £7 and there are 24 colours in it

I must admit the pigmentation in these is really good for such a small price.

I would definately advise buying these if you use a lot of different colours regularly or youre a beauty student like me or if you're a make up artist as they're really compact so you dont need to carry about lots of heavy palettes with you all day. I love everything from this brand. I wasn't too sure about trying it to begin with purely due to the price as I like to pay good money to know I'm getting good products but I gave it a go with a single eyeshadow on its own to begin with & I loved it!

Im also going to order the Love Hearts collection off their website next week as I dont have the patience to wait for it coming in so I'll do a blog on that aswell when it all arrives.

I apologise for the poor quality of the photos, I had to take the pictures using my Phone at the moment as Ive left my camera elsewhere but I will upload clearer pictures when I can

 - glamour nights

 - heaven & earth

 - glamour days

 -starry night

 -dusk till dawn

 - glitter ball

  - immaculate collection

Theyre really worth a try, go for it!

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