Laurens Way Glam Tan - REVIEW & PHOTOS

Something I haven't yet posted about recently is fake tan, and that is purely because I don't mind the milk bottle look haha! But today's post is on Laurens Way Glam Tan.

Anyway lets crack on..

Laurens Way Glam Tan is in like a spray tan formula, so basically its a liquid. It is for an easy application for a professional salon finish.
To be honest, I really didn't expect much from it. Fake tan NEVER goes on my legs for some strange reason hence why I bought this to put it to the test since my beloved Xen-Tan Dark Lotion doesn't work well with my legs - major let down but I will keep trying with it and have patience!

I've had this tan sitting on my drawers for weeks and kept debating when to use it. I have heard its super dark and I have even heard some say it is very natural, depends on your already given colour I suppose. So I wasn't too sure about using it for a night out incase it went terrible.

I decided randomly the other night to whack some on and put it to the test. I shaved my legs minutes before hand with an electric razor ( I didn't know I was going to apply the tan when I done this ) and I hadn't even exfoliated my arms either. So I was giving the tan a run for its money with this method to see how well it really worked.

I sprayed about 3 pumps onto a tanning mitt and started blending it onto my legs and arms. I was super impressed with the colour and the easy application. I couldn't believe my eyes when I seem fake tan applying so easily to it - it was actually like a miracle for me! I immediately applied another layer on top. It glides on so smoothly and doesn't stick to dry skin ( I have plenty and as I said I hadn't exfoliated ) so that was an extra bonus for me. It literally dried within minutes and I was able to put my PJ's straight on.

The tan doesn't have the biscuit/curry smell to begin with and there are claims it doesn't smell at all but trust me it does , that dreaded smell appeared but it doesn't bother me too much as I would be washing it off anyway in the shower.

Below is a picture that I had taken after applying it. DO NOT BE ALARMED WITH THE VERY DARK COLOUR! It was just my camera being naughty and I didn't have good lighting anyway, but I thought I would post to show how evenly it applied.

So I woke up the next day actually excited too see the results haha and jumped right into the shower.

The colour was beautiful. I have to admit throughout the night I actually slabbered on a bit of my arm ( ehhh oops? ) and was a bit worried that the tan had completely came off but the shower sorted it all out. All faded nicely into the one colour and you couldn't see where I had done it LOL.

This is the tan in natural daylight after showing, looks very light here ( damn camera again!! ) but for me it was quite a deep natural looking tan. I know it looks as though there is nothing on me but I am actually the palest you can get. My friend wears this and it turns out really dark on her.

The day after this, the tan was still a lovely colour and hadn't yet gone patchy.

Overall I am really impressed with this and think I will definitely repurchase when I finish the current one.

RRP - £18.95 Debenhams, Laurens Way.



  1. very keen to try this now!Do you know if they have a facial tan/can this be used on the face? Thanks :) x

  2. I know of people who have used this on the face and its fine but have you tried the Clarins Facial Tanner? Its the best about x


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