Could these be my new holy grails?

Alloha again lovelies.

Just a wee quick post on 2 things that I picked up last week, been saying Ive been going in to buy them for ages then just walk away HA. But finally got them the other day in Boots.
To be fair, I did only buy the concealer because I ended up getting a lighter colour of Estee Lauder Double Wear and my Double Wear concealer was too dark for the colour I got so had to get a new one anyway and didnt want to pay £19 again or whatever it was I cant really mind.

So, bought Shade 2 in Light. Its quite pinky toned so Im very unsure of how it would look on other foundations - but so far I find it goes really well with shade 1N1 Ecru from Estee Lauder ( I do have a post on this foundation but I am going to do an updated one tomorrow ). It does live up to its hype, covers blemishes, the usual things you wanna cover. Its not cakey, its just a lovely consistency and nice texture on the skin. I apply it with the wand thing it comes with and just dab it into the skin before applying powder.

Rating - 9/10. Didnt get a 10 purely due to its pinky tone but for £4.19 I shouldnt really be complaining as I think it is the best drugstore concealer there is.

Now time for 17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer.

My reason for purchasing this was because I have open pores on my cheeks GRRR. They absolutely do my head in.
I did buy the Benefit Porefessional, but for me it didnt live up to the high standard that Benefit usually produce. The MUA put it on my face, sure it felt nice but I couldnt see a difference when it was applied on its own. Im not much of a primer, but you know what its like when youre at a counter and you feel kinda pressurised into buying something - so I did and thought I would give it go. Returned it the next day. Really unimpressed with it, thats just my opinion thought .. I certaintly didnt think it was worth the money (£23.50)

I knew 17 had this primer out, I made a friend buy it absolutely ages ago haha so I bought it the other day aswell just to start getting into the swing of priming. For me, I think this is very similar to the benefit one in terms of consistency. Feels so silky on the skin and doesnt feel heavy at all. I applied it yesterday and my makeup was still on all day - It usually is anyway when I wear the double wear foundation so I will try it with another foundation and see how it goes. for £4.99 its a great buy as it is very similar to Benefits one, and I would definately rather pay this price than that ridiculous price from Benefit. Im a massive fan of benefit, and you can see all the items I own from there HERE but this one just wasnt for me.

Overall I rate the 17 skin primer 8/10.

Ashton x


  1. I have a No7 primer that I used to use every day. I haven't used it in a while now, this has made me want to get using it again xo

  2. Totally agree with you on the primer - feels sooo silky :) lovely post! x


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