Its all about a GIRLS DAY OUT!

Hello lovelies:),

Okay so this is a post on an event I attended which is held twice a year in Glasgow and its called GIRLS DAY OUT. Click HERE for a link to the website for more information.
I believe the show is now being held in Edinburgh, Manchester & Birmingham too!

Edinburgh - 11-13th May ( Peter Andre is opening the friday show! )
Birmingham - June 29th-1st July
Manchester - 7-9th September.

Tickets are £12 or £10 for a student I am sure, or if you attend on the Saturday it is a few £'s more.

Anyway the show is all about Health, Beauty, Fashion....everything to do with Women I suppose haha. There is a range of exhibitors like cocktail bars, Elemis Spa bus, jewellery, clothing, teeth whitening, makeup, health clubs, gyms, psychics, skin care etc the list goes on all at discounted prices. Its a great event to go to if you can make it. If you pre-book a ticket you get a goody bag which entitles you to Spa Vouchers, you can No7 makeup in the bag ( Ill do a post on these later ) and complimentry bubbly vouchers to receive on the day.

Louis Spence opened up the Friday show in Glasgow but sadly, I didnt go till the Saturday.

Heres a sneak peek of the stuff I bought which I am going to do seperate reviews on. I also bought a lovely blouse but forgot to take a pic - DAMN.

^^ SLEEP IN VELCRO ROLLERS ^^ - Could these be possibly life savers to save time on trying to volumising hair when youre in a rush? Stick these in your hair when you go to bed and wake up with big hair - what more could you want. They squish so whichever way you lie they wont hurt you at all and basically they flatten out but you still get volume. Great if youve never got time to style your hair every morning. £16.50 for 20 rollers

^^ Celebrity Compact Mirror With Lighting ^^ - Basically a compact mirror with a smart design, which has a button at the side to light up. One side of the mirror is for closer view ( cant mind how many X it is  ) I paid £12, But £17.99 from HERE

^^ EyeKandy Liquid Sugar Glitter ^^ - My final purchase. I picked these colours to go with my Naked Palettes, there will also be a full review on this and perhaps a tutorial of how to apply & what looks you can achieve. Dip your brush in the Liquid Sugar and then into the glitter pot. NO RESIDUE what so ever! not even a drop of glitter falls. Stays there ALL day I had mine on for more than 24 hours as I fell asleep with it on and it was still fully on when I woke up. Great if you like glitter but dont want it falling everywhere. Can also be used on the lips and nails.This set cost me £30.

I usually buy so much from this event but resisted temptation this time.

Keep an eye out for the reviews and tutorials!!

Ashton x


  1. Hello :)
    Lovely blog, I'm a new follower on bloglovin'
    Annie xx

  2. Thanks so much for the link! I've just checked it out and I am hoping me and the bestie can get to the Birmingham one! xo

  3. never seen that Eye Kandy stuff before, looks pretty cool though x

  4. Oh wow I'd love to go to the birmingham one. Those sleep in rollers look great!

  5. you should its a great day out!

  6. I've never seen sleep-in rollers before, I love this idea xxx

    1. me neither untill a few months ago. I will let you know how they go:)xxx


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