Hello everyone, not blogged for a few days been busy so not had much time to photograph things etc but Im back in the zone & ready to get back on with it.

So my first post is about SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL. Basically a cream bronzer. It was also known as Bronze Universel but they re-named it and made the logo on the lid gold...strange? Anyway its the same product just a different name so if you watch tutorials some may call it Bronze Universel but rest assured its the same product.

Anyways moving on,

Here it is, gorgeous packaging as always from CHANEL. I have actually been desperate to get my hands on of these - but at £29 I thought it was pricey, but I can never resist temptation and it was even better when Debenhams added the extra £5 to my Beauty Club Card so off I went and purchased it.

There is 30g of product in this, average bronzer only contains from about 7g - 10g so really it turned out I was getting so much product for my money. It says on the base of the tub, ' Bronzing Makeup Base ' as you can see in the picture I have added here. A lot of people instantly think you would put this on under foundation or powder whatever you use, but it can go on top of foundation aswell. I asked the MUA at CHANEL what was the best way to do it and she said on top of foundation so thats what I do.

The product itself within the pan, is of a thick hard consistensy so I can guarantee you will have this like forever, well not forever but you know what I mean you prob wont need to repurchase for ages.

I mainly use this for contouring only. I dont like an all over bronzed face, I think it can look really daft on me a lot of the time - purely cause Im like a milk bottle, a horrible pale ghostly colour and dont tan very often unless Im off out. So this is great for that as you cant see my cheekbones and really dont like contouring with a powder as it can often wander off and start shading bits you dont want it to if you dont do it perfectly.

In the pan it looks an orangey colour, which it can appear like on the skin if too much is applied, but it is a nice natural brown shade when applied properly. 

TIP : swirl your brush in the product very lightly with a stippling brush or as I use a buffing brush as the product grasps onto the brush very easily, so dont go too hard when swirling or you'll end up with far too much product. Anyway from where I was, swirl it in it and then swirl it again on your hand to get excess product off. After this when you apply it to the skin it doesnt look as orangey.

I apply it with my Real Techniques buffing brush, and do it before my blusher. It gives a lovely glow and contours really well. Go lightly when applying it, you dont want it overdo it with this.

Overall, I am over the moon with my purchase and I rate it 10/10.
Perfect for my contouring and will definitely repurchase this when and IF it ever runs out haha.

Whats your thoughts on this product?

Let me know

Ashton x

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  1. i love reading your posts! I don't know why :3


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