Benefit Coralista Blush - Review

Hello beauties :)

Thought I would share my latest purchase with you all - well one of them I have quite a few more lined up, but anyway its the Benefit Coralista Blush!

Retails at £23.50

Anyway, I've been meaning to buy a new blusher for ages - kinda getting sick of all my pink ones. I did really want a MAC one but Debenhams Glasgow doesn't have a MAC counter and I had £15 on my beaty card so thought I may aswell get yet another Benefit product since Im so addicted..sad I know but oh well. So I opted for 'Coralista' as like I said I was sick of all of my pink ones and Ive always loved coral shades so though this one was the perfect shade for me! I love it.

It is like a peachy/pink shade with a slight shimmer in it - doesnt come out like a glitterball one thank god! I hate going for shimmery blushers, I prefer them matte as I think it makes my face look a lot smoother for some reason. It comes in the gorgeous packaging like all of Benefits products. It also comes with the usual brush that comes with every one of their blushers ( not a fan of them though for blusher I prefer to use a rounded or angled brush to get it more natural looking, but never the less its still a great brush that will go handy in the make-up kit for college as I dont yet have a propper brush in that for shading. Obviously the box isnt quite ideal if you want something to shove in your make-up bag for on the go but Im sure it will look good on a dressing table:)

I think this shade will suit any complexion or skin tone. It can be used as both a day & night blusher. The colour is buildable but yet you only need the tiniest amount to get a good colour so a little goes a long way. Personally I dont see this running out any time soon.

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  1. I love Benefits packaging! Its fun! xo

  2. I know, but costs alot lol thankfully I got this for £6.50 due to having £15 on my beauty card and getting a further 10% off phew
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