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Hello Lovelies

Just thought I would share my thoughts of Topshops highlighter which is called ' Sunbeam '. This has actually been the highlight of my day. HA get it? sad I know but it has its been hassle going to town then finding out you paid more for it than what it was on the shelf so had to go all the way home to go back in to get the excess refunded so yes its actually been the highlight in the day, tiring me out boohoo anyway moving on....

I have been looking for a highlighter in powder form for quite a while now as I usually use High Beam and since I was moving on to a powder I didnt want to pay over the odds incase I wasnt sure of it. This one retails at £9. You will be charged £10 in store as this is what is comes up on the till but it is actually £9 online so this is where the shop had confusion this morning and realised they sold me it for £10 as it said that on some of the highlighters on the shelf but others were priced at £9, confusing eh? Nevermind then haha!

It comes in the usual topshop style, a plasticy but very sturdy case with stars on it, which looks okay but I personally think this looks dull and not as nice as the cream blushes in the range. Unfortunately there isnt a mirror inside the case which I think is a big letdown as you will see in the picture below when it is opened it looks very bare. The case can be quite tricky to open but Im sure I will get used to it.

The colour as soon as you open it may give you quite a bit of a shock. I swatched it in the shop and really wasnt sure if it was for me or not but knowing me I couldnt resist and bought it. In the pan it is really golden and shimmery, it does appear like this on the skin so you really do only need a tiny amount and you need to make sure it is properly buffed into the skin so you dont look a bit wild with it on. It is a nice colour and does give that dewy shine on areas like cheekbones etc you know where Im talking about. Im still playing about with it to ssee how it goes but so far Im liking it. For the price, I think it is a good buy and it easily fits in your makeup bag on the go. I apply this with my Real Techniques buffing brush or contouring brush.

Heres the swatch, so you can see what I mean it looks really golden, but rest assured just rub it in and you will be fine :)

Bottom like is I would repurchase if I didnt want to spend a lot of money but the next one Im buying will be Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft&Gentle to see which one I prefer:)

Have you used this??

Let me know!

Ashton x


  1. I've only ever used cream highlighters so this was interesting for me! Thanks, I will check it out xo

    1. I have this now :) and I love it! I got charged £10 too! xo

    2. oh did you, I wonder what the real price is hmmm never the less £10 is still reasonably priced x


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