Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask For Hair

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Just need to start with saying, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!
I bought this back when I was blonde ( bad mistake ), obviously because I kept going blonder my hair was getting shorter due to it snapping and becoming weak. I was in Salon Services whilst buying stuff to dye my hair brown again and I seen this hair repair mask. Not a lot of people have heard of Osmo as it is usually a brand used by hairdressers but you can now buy it from websites online. It only cost me a couple of pounds - under £5 but I know FragranceDirect sell it in a gift set with the shampoo & conditioner for £8.99 which is pretty cheap for all 3 of them together.

Anyway moving on, It is a repair mask for dry, damaged hair whether it be to heat or dying your hair. You can use it as a daily mask where you apply it from root to ends for 3 mins and then rinsing out thoroughly or you can use it 7-10 minutes for hair that needs that bit of extra TLC.

This stuff made a massive difference to my hair. You know when you can see the ' white bits ' at the end of each hair strand, well this actually reduces the visibility of them. I havent used this for about 1year cause I went back to brown & my hair didnt need as much loving as it did when it was blonde, but I noticed the other day it was getting a bit dead looking again. So I applied this after conditioning my hair, left for 3 minutes and VOILA the white bits had actually gone!! It gave my hair such a shine, after 2 days my hair still has shiney ends but the white bits are starting to appear again but not as bad. This product really is great if youre looking for a good mask and it is available from Salon Services and quite a few more if you search on google. I would 100% recommend this to someone who just wants to give their hair some TLC or really needs an intense repair mask.

I am going to buy ' Osmo Berber Oil ' next week to see what thats like. It is priced at £22.99 on FeelUnique or £9.99 in Sallys with a trade card or £19.99 without one so I will do a review once I purchase it :)

Have you tried this brand before? Let me know please


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