New look bag , my new favourite.

Yet again.... another bag has been purchased, which is my 10th one this year ahh! But this bag is my favourite by far! I bought it at New Look for £17.99 using my student card which is a great buy. It literally goes with anything. I initially bought it to go with my pastel blazers that I bought ( all 6 which I will do a post on together ). I never buy bags out of New Look, always buy them from River Island ( obsessed ! ) but couldnt help myself when I seen this. Its so versatile and can literally go with any colour. I love the inside aswell as it has that double bit, you'll see what I mean in the picture. It doesnt look like a big bag but it fit a lot of my stuff in it including my big purse, umbrella, deodorant, perfume, camera you know stuff like that cause I take all the essentials with me everywhere I go even if I dont need them haha. I know its a bit of a waste of a post but hey ho its what I felt like blogging about :)

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