Estee Lauder Bold Volume Lifting Mascara

So I got this in the Estee Lauder gift bag from Debenhams and I never thought much of it. I dont really think much of any mascara I usually think each one is as bad as the last but I thought I would try this one ( as it was free ) and I must say Im actually really impressed. It never clumped up my lashes and it made them look so long! It lasted all day ( even the next day when I woke up as I had forgotten to remove it ) Its only a small tube I got but Im not too fussed anyway as I didnt have high hopes for it. But now I wish it was a full size one! It is way better than all of my previous mascaraas, even the ones I have paid a fortune for. Im always buying new mascara cos everytime I get one I get bored of it or if a new one gets released I feel the need to go buy it. This mascara is great if your eyelashes are short and you want to add length, of course Im not saying people with longer lashes cant get it but personally I prefer this on me as my lashes are very short and you can never notice them. Its really black aswell, you know you can sometimes get a mascara and its not as black as you would want it but this one is. Never in my life had I thought of even buying anything from Estee Lauder untill I read about the Double Wear Stay In Place Foundation ( which I am also about to do a review on ).

Anyway above at the top is just pictures of my eyes with it on, I think it looks gorgeous and Im definately going to buy a full size bottle. 

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