5 stone lighter - before & after pics of me!

Hello Lovelies 

I've always wanted to lose weight for years so changed small things like full fat juice to diet juice - which I lost 1 stone doing. I also took the stairs to the 7th floor in college at least 6 times 4 days a week which also helped. 
I used to compete in competitive Freestyle Disco Dancing and danced in Adult Champions, but after giving birth to my son Logan I had to retire, so the weight started rapidly getting worse. I never done any exercise for years and look where it got me!

Anyway, I seen the leaflet for Slimming World one day and decided to go. I was too ashamed to go myself so took my mum along with me which worked well as she also wanted to lose weight. To be honest, I thought it was gonna be a lot worse, I wasnt embarrassed as I thought I would be which was a massive relief. I was so excited to finally start a diet which I knew worked!

I have been attending classes since July 2011 and I am so glad that I joined and Ive never been so proud of myself for achieving my biggest goal yet. I would still like to lose another 1stone but we'll see how it goes and I will keep you updated. I was a size 18/20 and I am now a size 10 !!! Hate to brag but I think thats amazing :)I am now part of the Slimming World Social Team and I weigh people every week and get to be part of the team !!
I now have the confidence to upload pictures of myself freely & this is how I got into the beauty industry as my confidence is sky high now !!

 ^^ Heres me before when I was 5 stone heavier than what I am just now ^^

^^ and these 2 are me 5 stone lighter ( obviously ) ^^Theres no secret to it , I just do Slimming World :)

Ashton x


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