Babyliss Big Hair Styler

Another review so soon but I have to do it.
I bought the Babyliss '2775U' Big Hair Styler from Debenhams for £40.50, which was the cheapest place at the time so yet again I thought I was snapping up a bargain. Ive read about this before and was eager to have a go myself seeing as my hair needs a bit of taming after drying it with an ordinary hairdryer. I dryed my hair to about 80% dry with the hairdryer then got out the babyliss brush. Its really easy to use, couldnt be any easier to be honest. It didny give me a blowdryed look as such it gave me more of a bouncy wave look which Im still really happy about. I have read reviews where it has blowdryer peoples hair like a hairdresser would, but due to my hair being very fine and it likes to do what it wants most days, that is exactly what it done. The babyliss brush did tame the hair and took away any frizz that I would usually have after drying it myself. It also saved my from using my hair straightners ( which have been making my hair snap ), so it was great for that too. My hair generally goes bushy ( not overly bushy, just more frizz like ) so this worked wonders. I'd recommend buying this product if you want a salon finish. Personally I LOVED the hairstyle it gave me & I will continue to use it everyday so give me that added volume my limp hair needs :)

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