Estee Lauder Soft Matte Bronzer

Another Estee Lauder purchase for myself, but who can resist when something so beautiful is sitting staring at you at their counter LOL !

I love bronzers for contouring, and that is all. I dont like the all over bronzed look for myself purely because I am super pale. I tend to be the lightest shade in foundations or in MAC I am NC15. I dont apply fake tan due to not having the time hence the milk bottle look, doesn't really bother me to be honest.

I have quite a few bronzers in my collection. I prefer matte ones thought as shimmery ones can highlight the bad parts of your complexion and can look terrible if their is a shed load of glitter in there.

I bought Nars Laguna a few months ago - review here and intended on using if for contouring. I read numerous reviews where people were seeing flecks of glitter in it and other saying it was matte. I never noticed the glitter until recently and decided it wasnt for me for contouring so this was the perfect opportunity to go out and hunt down a matte bronzer.

I did a lot of research - the usual for me, I wont buy something otherwise. And this Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer cropped up. It retails for £28.00 BUT it contains a massive 21g of product! I never even knew there was a bronzer this big so really you are definitely getting your moneys worth.

The bronzer itself, has very little flecks of glitter but these do not appear when on the face at all. It is a subtle golden toned bronzer and looks lovely and natural on my pale skin. It also controls oil levels, it is super soft and blends very easily for contouring. I have also tried this all over my face and it still looks gorgeous.

Rating - 5/5



  1. This bronzer looks beautiful!!

  2. looks good. i might try it :) x


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