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Bonjour! Dont know why I said that, but it makes a difference from the usual Hello.

Straight to the point with this one. Over the years, my hair has decided to get flatter and flatter for some strange reason and it never has any volume - and I mean none , its vile. I love big hair especially for a night out or a nice meal whatever as it makes you feel that extra bit dressy!

So, I have experimented with many products from high street brands and nothing seems to be working. Boo!

I think I have now came up with the best way for me to get volume in my hair yipee! 


First, after washing my hair I apply the usual heat protector and then I spray this BedHead SuperStar Queen For A Day Thickening Spray. This cost me £6 in Salon Services ( much cheaper than other places ) but you can buy this from a hairdresser or websites like FeelUnique, FragranceDirect etc. I buy from Sallys though as it is cheaper for me because I own a Trade Card. I spray this all over my head , not just the roots but everywhere to get the maximum effect. It has a water based texture, so basically just sprays out like water, not a mousse effect which I prefer as some mousse can leave your hair feeling very hair. Usually sprays make my hair look greasy but this doesnt at all. After blowdrying my hair, it is massive! A mega amount of volume has been added already and that is just with this product on its own. I then follow on with my next product which is Sleep In Velcro Rollers.

I recently came across these Sleep In Velcro Rollers at an event in Glasgow a few months ago and oh my god these things are bloomin' amazing! You can actually sleep in them and it isnt uncomfortable. Obviously it feels strange sleeping with rollers in your hair but these ones actually flatten out so you cant really feel them when you are sleeping. I usually put these for about 5 hours prior to a night out and then have a nap with them in and have no bother. When I take them out - WOW my hair is even bigger. Ive had normal velcro rollers in the past and think theyre rubbish so didnt have high hopes for these. They retail at £16.50 for 20 rollers and a carry bag and you can buy them online. Salon Services sells them for 5.99 a pack ( 10 rollers ) if you have a trade card. Im unsure of the price if you dont have a trade card but you can still buy them there anyway. Well worth the money. Best rollers I have ever used.

After taking the rollers out, I like to back comb my hair. I actually owned the small version of the back comber in the picture and feel that it didnt give much effect so yet again off to Salon Services I went again and picked up this little beauty for around £2.50. The fact it had pink on it made me want it even more as I love anything pink haha. I backcomb at the roots mostly all over my head and I feel that this just gives that extra bit of oomph to help hold the volume.

Finally I spray Samy Fat Hair 0 Calorie Hair Spray on my head. With this product, a small amount really does go a long way. If you spray too much it can go really sticky and makes your hair look matted so be warned if you use this product. Spray it about 30cm away from your head a few sprays guarantee to leave your hair in place all night. These retail in Superdrug for £6.49 but their is a current offer on of buy 2 for £6.99 which is even more of a bargain. I also have the little mini version of this bottle which I throw in my hand bag for a night out incase any of my friends are looking for a little spray.

These things all work for me , they may be slightly different on yourself depending on your hair type but I have very fine, flat hair and everything above works fabulous for me.



  1. great post! I've just got the sleep in rollers which are so cool! Will be using your tips :) x

    1. have you tried them yet? I find them to sit better in the hair than normal ones and they dont even budge! amazing xxx


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