Cosmopolitan Next Newcomer Award

Hello everyone.

Never thought I was good enough to enter one of these but yet here I am putting up a post about it. I didnt have any confidence when I first started blogging a few months back but after getting to know so many lovely bloggers within the blogging community, I feel now is the time to ask for your help.

If you enjoy reading any of my posts and you think I deserve to be next newcomer then please vote for me that is all I ask! 

I dont intend on giving a sob story, but I really am a dedicated blogger and Im always there to help out others when the help is needed. I put my heart and soul into every blog I do and spend a lot of time on them making sure they are perfect for my readers.

If you like my blog then please vote for me as the BEST NEW BEAUTY BLOGGER!

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2012

Click the picture above if you wish to vote for me

And this link too for Next Newcomer



  1. Going to vote now :)

    xo, Jersey Girl
    Your newest follower :) #bbloggers

    1. thankyou very very very much!! I appreciate it.

      I have followed your blog :)


  2. good luck- i'll be sure to vote for you!

  3. Hey, I'm a new follower! Found you thru the BLT blog hop! Wil; surely vote for you. Ashton! Good luck!

    Follow back? :)


    1. thankyou for the vote! lovely blog I have also followed back



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