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FINALLY, I started a MAC palette! I hate doing eyes regularly but when I do I like to make sure I have the best products to get the best looks and colour pay off. I do own both NAKED palettes but to be honest I rarely use them due to the glitter fall out on the shimmery shades. But I do really like the matte shades in the palettes.

I often find myself walking into MAC and eyeshadows definitely arent something I look at but since it was my birthday a few weeks back I decided to start a palette with some of my birthday cash. Anytime I watch YouTube videos people seem to mostly use MAC eyeshadows and this made me want them even more.


I think the MAC palettes look so sophisticated and smart. They will especially look good in my Makeup Kit now that Im a qualified Beauty Therapist woohoo.
I especially love how you can mix and match each colours and move them about within the palette due to the magnet technique. I was going to buy the shadows in their pans but I watched a few videos on the net to see how to remove them and the full knife, straighteners tin foil rubbish just put me off ( google it if you havent seen it, it looks a pain in the back side ).


The individual shadows also work out a few pounds cheaper. They cost only £10 which seems good value but when you have 15 spaces to fill the shadows add up to a whopping £150 and an extra £11.50 for the palette itself. Hefty price tag eh? But I still couldnt stop myself.
The colours I have chosen so far are really pigmented and are of a very high standard. A few I swatched in the shop didnt seem to pay off colour wise and were pointless shades hence why I opted for the ones I have so far.


So far I have Vanilla, Naked Lunch, Amber Lights, Woodwinked and Mystery. I chose colours that all worked great together until I filled all the spaces. As you can see Im probably gonna end up with a neutral palette but thats the colours I usually wear anyway. I use my MAC 217 & 239 to apply these shadows as I find these are the best brushes although I do also use the No7 Blend and Contour brush which is the current dupe for a 217 at more than half the price!
I like soft pinks/corals so if anyone can recommend any then please feel free to comment and let me know please or tweet me!

Im unsure of which colours I am going to get next. I have an idea that I would like Patina, Espresso, Black Tied, Carbon, All That Glitters and Shroom.

I would be grateful if you could help me pick some more colours please as Im new to the MAC shadows and dont really have a clue which ones are the best quality etc.



  1. Ohhhh, If you like pinks. Sushi Flower is nice, and expensive pink is pretty. I also like Da Bling, but it has a tendancy to have a lot of fall down.
    There are so many. Phloof is beaut as a base, inner corner colour. I love Embark, red/brown. Too many! I could go on for hours.
    The whole getting the pans out of the pallette is so easy. Hold a lighter under it, and they pop out. Just do it outside cus its stinks! xxx

    1. Def need to go in and check these shades out! Aw I watched the vids on youtube and thought aw I cant be bothered with all that hassle n just opted to buy the refills, saving a whole couple of quid anyways haha xxx


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