Favourite Real Techniques Brushes

Hello lovely followers, thought it was about time I done an updated post on my real techniques brushes as I didnt have all of my favourite ones in a post I done on them a few months ago. If you havent heard of these brushes you seriously need to look them up they are amazing brushes at such reasonable prices. You can purchase them in Boots and a few online retailers have them too although Boots dont have the full collection available in store boohoo.

Anyway, my favourites are all above, hopefully the picture makes it clear enough to pick up the names. They are the stippling, contour, buffing, blush and powder brush.

Stippling : I use this when I am using creamy products. For example products like cream brush or Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel ( Bronze Universal - review here ) It picks up just enough product and works good with the products.

Contour : I actually use this for blush rather contouring, I feel with blush that if you use a larger brush it might apply way too much and it will look silly so I prefer to work with a smaller brush and build up if I need to. I have also used this for highlighter on my cheek bones for both cream products and powder products.

Buffing : I think we all know what Im gonna say I use this for! FOUNDATION! This is an amazing brush for giving your skin a flawless look. It applies foundation beautifully and I much prefer this to a normal foundation brush which sometimes I find leaves foundation a tad streaky looking but this ones works the product right into the skin.

Blush : Again I dont use this for its given name. I use this for contouring as I find its the perfect size of brush for doing it. Really happy using it for contouring my cheeks, jaw, temple the usual areas that need it.

Powder : And finally I use this one for when Im putting on loose powder or pressed powder to finish the skin off. Great size for doing it quickly.

I think these brushes are actually amazing and I am definitely going to look into buying some more online.

Let me know what you think of them if youve tried them.



  1. Do you find that these are cheaper online?

    1. No I think they are the same rice although you have to pay for delivery too so they work out a tad dearer but there are more available online.


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