Individual Eyelashes , review!

Hello again, though I would share a wee tip on how to achieve long, thick natural looking eyelashes. A friend from college done these on me, the photograph is upside down but this is the best way to show the actual lashes off.


Here is the products needed for this look.

Individual Eyelash Glue ; I bought black so it looks as though I am wearing black eyeliner.

Individual Lashes in Medium

Individual Lashes in Short

You will also need a spatula ( or something else to pop the glue on ) and a pair of tweezers.

To achieve this look you simply put a bit of the glue on to the spatula, pick out a lash with the tweezers , dip it into the glue then place between your own lashes.

I used the whole pack of medium between the two eyes and a few short at the inner corners.

These will last up to a week depending on how you look after them.

All of the above cost under £9 from Salon Services and they can be re-used if removed correctly just like any other sort of false lash.

It is best to remove them with eyelash glue remover to ensure no harm comes to the normal lashes.

I hope you found this post useful :-)

If youve had these done before let me know what you think

Ashton x


  1. I haven't ever used them but they look good! x

    1. they are really good and give such a good effect! x

  2. Well, it is given that women who have longer eyelash tend to be more attractive. However, this is not just about cosmetics because it is also about your health.


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