I gave in... NARS LAGUNA

Couldnt help myself with this one! Caved in and bought it even though I bought CHANEL soleil tan de chanel the day before , naughtynaughty!

I very rarely wear bronzer, well to be honest its actually more like never :S hmmm only on a night out and even at that its barely noticable but hey ho needs a must!

I got the famous LAGUNA shade that everyone seems to go on about.

Im not disappointed with it, nor am I over the moon. It is very much a matte bronzer with slight shimmer. Some say they see it some say they dont. Never the less it doesnt appear on the skin, well not on me anyway. It does give a natural glow but I feel that my Bourjois chocolate bronzer does pretty much the same job but obviously for a much cheaper price.

I do however like the packing. Some people complain that it gets very dirty due to the material of the case, but every make up product probably gets dirty a lot - just give it a quick wipe over with a baby wipe. Ive also heard the rumour that these shatter easily hence why I havent taken it out in my bag and dont really think I want to.

Here in the picture you can see what I mean about it being matte with ever so slight shimmer, nothing too noticeable though.

I will continue to use it and see whether I can finally make up my mind on what I think of it and I will do an update of my opinion in a few weeks :)

I know this is a daft question, but what do you think of this? I know it is a lot of peoples Holy Grails but sadly not mine:(

Ashton x


  1. I've never tried any NARS products, I'm not sure I can justify it being so expensive in case I don't like it :( x

    1. Im the same, so I always read reviews before I buy anything expensive and this one seemed to get a lot of hype. I wore it today and it stayed on ALL day 12 hours and counting :) x

  2. I haven't tried NARS but like you, I have heard so many good reviews about this and is so tempted to just run out and get one to try. I like that it's matte.

    1. yes give in and buy it ! it is good, just I was expecting better Im still having a play about with it


  3. I have heard really good things about this bronzer hopefully you end up loving it! I just recently started wearing bronzers so I'm still clueless in what to loo for :P

    New follower from bloghop!


  4. Ditty - Bronzing isnt my thing cause Im so pale and I quite like that but we'll see how it goes I'll do an updated review soon :)
    Ah thanks for the follow!!



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