Procl!aim Cocoa Butter Lotion : Review

This is just a wee quick review on a really good Cocoa butter lotion that I found for pennies but I'll talk about that after I've explained the product. I've always been looking for a good one of these because I absolutely love the smell of coconut and it gives that holiday feel when its applied due the smell but anyway its always been a failure and I've never came across one that doesn't smell nice or either smells of something else rather than actual coconut! I've tried the PALMERS cocoa butter and to be honest I dont really think it smelt of pure coconut, it had more of a banana/coconut smell to it which I really didnt like at all so never used that one again. But while I was in Sally's, I came across this particular bottle. Instantly it was the size of the bottle and the price that caught my eye. I'm always on the look out for good drugstore products that actually work and to be fair this one ticks every one of the boxes. I think it was under £2 with my trade card which is a real bargain for a bottle which is 946ml. Now where else would you get Cocoa Butter that size for that price? So thats the reason I bought it. My skins fairly dry but mostly flakey and I feel that sometimes moisturisers feel too heavy on my face and make me look sweaty. Off I went home and tried it out straight away. It smells of pure coconut so instantly it reminds you of the sunbeds or being on holiday. Its kept my skin moist throughout the full day and no flakes appeared again. It says it smoothes & softens dry, rough skin...which it did so I'm actually really pleased with the product. I put it on fake tan aswell and it helps it from going patchy as like I said I'm not a fan of moisturiser unless its the Soap&Glory body butter but I really do love this. Its worth buying as its a great product :)


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