Tell me about it .... STUD!

Cheesy title, yes I know but just couldn't help myself.

Todays post is all about STUDS. As we all know they are the current fashion trend and everywhere you go you see studs and nothing but studs.

So below are a few studded items that I own and I would also like to show you all my BARGAIN shoes which I am loving just now!

 Topshop Vectra : £28

I have to admit, I was late picking these up. Everywhere I went, I just couldn't seem to pick up a size 4, but then they finally caught my eye at a Topshop in Debenhams. Immediately I knew I had to get them, it was like fate. They fit perfectly and are very comfortable to walk in, however the heel is now cutting into the back of my foot which I find slightly annoying. I don't think these will last a very long time as the material isn't the best - basically its the same as a ballet pump except with studs so not great. I try not to wear them when its raining as I want to make them last as long as possible. So far so great.

 Matalan : £14 ( online exclusive )

Like I said above, I was late picking up the Vectras so I also missed out on the nude and gold ones, damn. I actually don't own a pair of nude shoes but I was browsing the Matalan website and came across these beauts! I am in absolute LOVE with these. They are much better quality than the Topshop ones, i.e they have a better soul which wont wear away as easily and the studs seem more secure. The material is more sturdy and I don't see this being ruined anytime soon. A wee tip is to sign up for a Matalan reward card in-store and they will send you through a code for 20% off your order online AND in-store. Which makes me these babies ever better when they are £11.20. Bargain or what? I also bought the black pair for college ( picture below and these ones can be
bought in-store and online, its only the nude that are only available online. )

Matalan : £14
Zara : £59.99

Finally, my beloved oversized studded bowler bag from Zara. I was so confused whether to buy this or not, but there was only 1 left in the shop so obviously I had to buy it. You know yourself what its like if you leave something then go back to get it and its no there and you feel like kicking yourself? Well that would have been me if I didn't buy it. I really do love it. I wouldn't normally pay this much for a bag, but would you be able to resits this? Its great quality and there are a variety of studs on it - gold, silver and different shapes of studs which makes it more versatile. Inside it has a few compartments which is the usual for inside any bag these days. It is very large and fits a lot. Someone even told me it looked like a mini suitcase lol, its not that bad. I use this for college and its a great buy. If you can get your hands on one, then I would snap it up. By the way, I couldn't take a picture of my own bag as it was away in my cupboard and I couldn't get into it :( boo.

Do you like studs? What do you own that is studded? Let me know!



  1. LOVE the bag! I don't think I own anything with studs! lol

    I found you through the BBU blog hop!
    I'm following you via GFC and hope you'll follow me back! :)

  2. studs are coming back in ! I am so so excited :) Thanks for sharing ! I found your blog throughe beauty blog hop ! I am following now and hope you will drop by to view my blog !

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