Benefit Blogger Event in Glasgow

Overall it was a really great evening again and was great to meet up with other bloggers from the same city as myself :).

At the end of the evening, we were given a goody bag with lots of great stuff in it, i.e 2 perfumes, mini products, a makeup bag and a beautiful lip gloss.



  1. Holy moly the goody bag looks amazing! I love the make up you did on your friend! I'm a new follower xxx
    Island Girl Insights ♥

  2. Hey hun! Lovely makeup and great pictures as well! Wish they did things like this in the one near me. Or maybe they do i just dont know about it hehe! xxx

  3. I just adore Benefit. I use their mascara and brow zing everyday. This event looks like so much fun. I bet it was good to try other products too. I've always wondered what their primer is like. Great post, lovely photos too :) x
    Heroine In Heels


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