River Island HAUL

I am a major sucker for River Island. I have a love/hate relationship with it but recently Ive been loving absolutely everything in there so been slowly treating myself to some goodies from there.

This is basically where I get mostly every bag. I think theyre really great value and I love it when you can see a shops ' signature ' on a bag, makes it feel as though it is worth more.

Anyway I treated myself to 2 bags. I dont actually think I own a small beige bag hence why I bought this one and I dont own a coral one so thought these would be perfect as pastel colours are in at the moment.

I love love love waterfall style cardigans/blazers, so when I seen these yesterday for £22.00 each I had to snap them up. Bargain for good quality cardigans. They have holes over them making gorgeous patterns and theyre a fab fit. I had to get a size 8 as a size 10 was too long for me on the arms but I find the 8 to sit perfect on the arms.

By the way I didnt purchase these on the one day. I bought the first bag a few weeks back, the 2nd bag last week with my birthday and like I said the cardigans yesterday. Im not one to splurge out in the one big shop.

I also have a H&M HAUL coming up so keep your eyes peeled for it :)



  1. I love love love the coral bag and black cardi! They're gorgeous x

  2. me too Im into everything thats peach or coral its beautiful on cant believe it was only £25.00!! x


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