A tip for quick drying nails...

Hello everyone :)

This is just a quick short post on what I use after applying my nail varnish. Seriously cant live without it, it makes such a big difference.

It is the Elegant Touch ' Rapid dry for nails with vitamin E '. It claims to dry nails in 60 seconds which I believe in my eyes to be true as it dries the nails that quick, it really does.

It retails around the £3 mark in places like Boots, Sallys etc. I always buy mine from Sallys on VAT FREE days just to save that little bit extra.

Before I was using a nail drying spray from Avon which I loved but since coming across this I am amazed with how good it really is.

Worth picking up if you can never be bothered waiting for nails to dry or if you just dont have the time to wait about:)

Have you used this before??

Ashton x

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