First MAC Lipstick - Please Me!

Alloha lovelies!

Been desperate to break the MAC Lipstick ' virginity ' for AGES! And yet again I found myself out shopping...for make-up as usual leaving myself skint boohoo. But anyway I'll get on with this review.

Okay, so going into Frasers whilst it is busy with your 3 year old son is never a good idea is it? but I suppose theres not many men that actually like shopping & Logan certainly isn't one of them. He hates me shopping, so had to be quick at picking a colour.

I was kindly recommended on twitter to try ' Please Me ', so I had a look on other blogs and seen that it looked like quite a nice colour to wear daily. To be honest I hate lipstick so dont wear it EVER cause Ive got really dry lips, well not so much dry but I always seem to get a chapped line. Im guessing I bite them whilst Im sleeping haha!

I tried on a few of the nude shades - Creme D'Nude, Viva Gaga, Hue, Myth etc but cause Ive got really pinky lips already they were kinda coming on my lips as white - Gaga was probably the best looking one so Im gonna go back and purchase that.

( omg my lips look so fat haha )

Anyway to the actual review. I didnt have much hope for these, but I took along my Lush Lip Scrub ( which I will also review ) and put that on before applying the lippy. As I said, I already have pink lips so it came up a different colour on me as it did in the tube, but still nice enough. I applied it about 3pm and by about 7/8pm I realised it was still on, looking quite dry but the colour was still there.  Next time I wear it, I plan to put a gloss or a balm over the top of it to try give it a bit extra moisture. I must admit it does ' glide ' on the lips but cause mines have the tendency to dry up during the day it look really dehydrated, but never the less I applied my vaseline over it and it gave it a shimmer but I guess that kinda broke the rule of wearing a 'matte' lippy but ohwell.

Overall I would rate it an 8/10. The colour is lovely on my lips, not too bold, but in saying that I am going back to purchase the Viva Nicki along with the nude Gaga one :)

Have you tried MAC Lipsticks?

Whats your thoughts?

Ashton x


  1. Ooo I love this colour! Great post :) x x

  2. thankyou :) I need more! haha

  3. Mmm this looks lovely on you.. i might have to purchase this one to add to all my other pink lipsticks hehe! Pink lippy is an obsession! :) xx

    1. I love the colour, not the formula so much :( I prefer cremsheens now haha xxx


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