Vivo Ultimate Base Concealer Kit

Hand on my heart, I will never stray away from my Estee Lauder Double Wear Flawless Concealer, but when I seen this I just picked it up because I needed something handy to shove in my make-up bag and don't want to use all my Estee Lauder one up.

Anyway, the packaging is nice so I was attracted to it and it was only £5 from Tesco so I thought hey ho why not ?
Inside it has 2 shades and a loose powder to keep the product locked in. It also has an illuminator pen which, a brush and a small mirror for on the go. The product itself does what it says. It did cover up the blemishes ( well mostly ). But for the price its a great buy. Its handy just to throw in your bag which is exactly the reason I bought it :)

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  1. please let me know how to order a case?


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